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Team direct supply full ranges of mitre match footballs, whether you require mitre futsal footballs, mitre match footballs, training balls or just recreational mitre pro football’s we can help you.

Futsal football is starting to take off now in the UK, and is played by more people in Brazil than soccer itself. The futsal football is much harder and smaller than a size 5 football and has very little bounce compared to mitre pro footballs or training ball.

These balls have been proven to massively increase technique and skill, by using professional kit like this can be sure to help your game.

Mitre futsal balls are a leader in the sector, and they are priced very well at £8.00 for the entry level ball and up to £28.45 for the top of the range hand stitched and fifa approved match version.

Mitre ball's such as the delta and pro max also carry the fifa approved stamp of approval and are the number one mitre match balls, these are available in white design or a fluro yellow version and both in size 5.

Mitre started way back in 1817, and their heritage has always been a very strong one. They are the leading ball provider to the football league & Scottish and Wales premiership.

At Team Direct we are here to assist you with whatever you require for your team; equipment, or clothing we hold an extensive selection of professional gear to suit any level. We also have mitre neutron base layer clothing, and other branded items to assist you in your sport.

If you have any questions or queries about stock items, suppliers, or just general advice regarding these products we are happy to help. Our Team Direct Team have been working with these suppliers for many years and can assist you when choosing the right gear for you.


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